Knowing the Questions That Your Customers Ask

One thing we have in common is we all have questions. We question everything and that’s awesome. Your potential customers and clients are the same way. They have lots of questions about your service and your products. They want to know how much it costs. How will it change their lives or at least what pain point will it address? There’s a ton of questions being asked and the more that you can collect, the better off you will be. Here’s why:

82% of shoppers will do their own research long before they ever talk to someone in sales. We don’t approach salesmen at the beginning of the cycle. We ask questions first … lots of questions. Where are they asking them? Online. We go to Google. We check out videos on YouTube. We’re in Facebook groups. These conversations are happening online. But they’re also asking you.

Whether you’re taking calls on the phone, answering emails or talking with prospective clients and customers on the phone – you are being asked questions. If you can know what they’re asking, you can be the answer that they’re looking for as well. Here’s what I suggest you do: 

Keep a notebook or use the Notes app on your phone to keep track of their questions. It might be hard to remember to do so set a reminder once or twice a day to write down any questions that might have come up. Then, after some time has passed you can take a look at the questions to determine which ones are the most common. Finally, arrange them in order so you have a set of 5 commonly asked questions. 

You can then take those Top 5 FAQs and put them on your website. Better yet, you can make a short 60 second video for each one of them. This accomplishes two things: 

  1. Because YOU are the one answering their questions, you become the authority in the field. You show your expertise. 
  2. You also develop that important “trust” factor and people do business with people they “know, like and trust.” 

Also, don’t forget some of those simple questions that they’re asking too. “Where do I park?” “Do you take credit cards?” They’re simple questions that are familiar to you but may not be so to them. 

Addressing their questions makes you the expert in your field – you’re the one that knows – and when you do that, you become the person that they buy from. 

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