Changing One Word On Your Website Can Make All the Difference

It turns out that your English teacher was right. Pronouns DO make a big difference. That’s especially evident when it comes to the homepage of your website. Your choice of pronouns play a key role in how it relates to your visitors. 

Take a look at your current homepage and count the number of times you see words in 1st person … words like “we, me, I and us” and write the number down. Next, count the number of times you see words like “you, yours, etc.” and write the number down. Who wins? Which group do you have more of? 

As you probably guessed, a website is more effective when you take the attention off of you with first person pronouns and speak more to your visitors. As great as you are, they really don’t care about you. They care about them and what you can do for them. That’s why you want to avoid talking about you all the time and instead talk about them. 

That’s not to say that you can’t talk about you from time to time, but the emphasis needs to be on them and what value they’ll get from doing business with you or buying your product. 

Look for an 80/20 ratio of “we” vs “them” and you’ll find that your website will resonate better with those that view your site. 

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