3 Key Factors To Getting New Customers

When you look back on any time you’ve gone to a store to buy something or hired someone, it’s been because of the “know, like & trust factor.” As a business owner, the same is true of your business. Any time someone has bought something from you, it’s because they know, like or trust you … or someone that does has recommended you. 

The Know Factor

This isn’t the kind of surface knowing where someone knows who you are. It goes beyond recognizing your brand or knowing that you simply exist. It’s more than the knowing about you and more about knowing you. If I were to tell you that my favorite movie was It’s a Wonderful Life. You’d be “Okay … that’s nice” and not learning anything about me. But if I told you why it was my favorite movie, then you would learn something about me and hence, get to know me. When people get to know us on a deeper level through personal and sometimes private details, a relationship forms. The deeper the relationship, the more likely they are to buy from you. 

The Like Factor

Similar to the knowing someone, the like factor goes a little deeper. We can know someone … but it doesn’t mean that we like them. So what makes a business or a business owner “likable?” Liking someone comes down to being open, authentic and honest. Think about the people and businesses you like. What makes them likable? For some it might be their friendly nature. Maybe it was the way that they interacted and showed amazing customer service. Sure, it’s impossible to have everyone like you. That’s not likely. What is important is getting the right people to like you & your business. Provide value in your social media and on your website. Make it good if not great content that applies to them. Show your personality and style. 

Remember the 7 Be’s when it comes to business: 

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be real
  3. Be nice
  4. Be relevant
  5. Be visible
  6. Be seen – Put your face to your name
  7. Be generous 

The Trust Factor

I think about when I’m on Facebook and I see a post from someone asking for recommendations? “I need my car worked on. Who do you recommend?” Or “We just moved here and we’re looking for a good restaurant for date night. Who do you all recommend?” As a good neighbor you want to help them out. You start typing the name of your mechanic or your favorite restaurant. Why did you choose them? Because you probably know, like and trust them. Now think about the person on the other asking for the recommendation. Your referral shows that you trust that business enough to recommend them. It’s what we call social proof. Often we see them in the form of testimonials. We value what others think. How do you establish that kind of trust and confidence in others? 

  • Be transparent. Let people see who and what you are — and who and what you’re not.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Be consistently good
  • Apologize when you need to

Make a list of five (5) or so businesses that you’ve visited lately and then think about these 3 factors. Did you know the owner? Do you like the store? Do you trust the business? Repeat for each business. As you start to see and understand the know, like & trust factor in other businesses, you’ll start to see how you can do the same for your own business. It’s how you effectively grow your business with new clients that “know, like & trust” you.

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